Your Online Reputation And Its Impact On Your Job Hunt

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Online Reputation Management or ORM is often considered to be a practice that is reserved almost solely for businesses and celebrities. However, the fact is that if you’re looking for a new career or job then there is an increasingly good chance that your prospective new boss will conduct some kind of online research to see if they can gleam more information about you. They will typically use the search engines to conduct this research but considering modern search engines index all of the major social websites this means that comments on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, and blog posts written by others can come in to play.

You might think that there’s little you can do to manage your online reputation but you would be quite wrong. You may not be able to remove negative press without lengthy, potentially costly, and possibly unsuccessful legal action but you can control the higher echelons of the search results in such a way that you can be sure that anybody researching your name only reads the information that you want them to.

The majority of people will not venture beyond the first page of results and very few indeed will travel to page three even during a thorough search.  Signing up for networking services that are dedicated to professionals, such as LinkedIn and Naymz, will help because these profiles are often indexed by search engines and given reasonable weight. This allows you to post what amounts to an online CV for prospective employers to read. Blog about your experience, and be careful how you conduct yourself on sites like Facebook and MySpace – you may reap the rewards in your next job interview.

Search Engine Reputation Management is the practice of suppressing unwanted publicity in major search engines. Reputation Hawk is a leader in this field.

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