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One of the most interesting ways in which we can test the impact of online libel is to look at cases in which online libel effects companies or politicians and be able to test their popularity both before and after the online libel occurs. Politicians make this particularly easy because their popularity is often being gauged.

Julius Malema is a South African politician, a firebrand who has several scandals under his belt, who is the topic of the article excerpted below.

Earlier this week, working with an online brand monitoring expert, we asked the question: What value does the brand “Julius Malema” have?

Brand value has become one of the most important measures for many companies. The measurement of the value of a brand is complex, but these days as the Internet is the primary carrier for brand mentions (particularly as it often clips and repeats mentions in other media). This means it’s now possible, by applying some standard metrics, to measure the value of anything we may call “a brand”.

This will be the wave of the future as far as how we gauge public opinion about a particular issue, event, or person. Polling and brand analysis will become instrumental in gauging these sorts of things.


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