Unvarnished–The Future or the Past

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Unvarnished is a new website that does to individuals what Yelp does to businesses. While some have had very positive things to say about this, I doubt if they have ever run a business and had it profiled on Yelp. CNET, always reliable for issues involving brand reputation management, has a great article up on Unvarnished. The author, Molly Wood, explains what she thinks Unvarnished will be like.

[Unvarnished will] let anyone create a profile about you and then post “reviews” about your job performance, management style, reputation, behavioral quirks, and so on. Or, put another way, it’ll let co-workers or relative strangers subject you to anonymous and potentially defamatory attacks that are completely outside your control, can’t be removed or edited, and are ripe for abuse. So, that sounds like a super idea.

I’d like to think Unvarnished will put up a better system than that, but let’s face it–anonymity means people will write whatever they won without any repercussions. Are we going to get a cool new social networking site or more of same Ripoff Report-style internet libel?


Unwanted publicity can be like a virus on the Internet. There are firms such as Reputation Hawk that specialize in cleaning it up.

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