Unvarnished Gets Bad Press

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If you have ever wanted to have everyone you know say bad things about you, then you’re going to get your wish! I say this tongue in cheek, of course, because no one would really want people to say bad things about them. But one social networking site is about to make that possible with guaranteed anonymity. Unvarnished’s creator claims the site will have protections against Internet defamation, but many critics remain unconvinced.

Unvarnished functions like other social networking sites–especially the popular professional social networking site, LinkedIn. Users can create a profile with their resume and work information, and request reviews from their professional colleagues. The difference, of course, is that users can also “create” a profile for non-Unvarnished users–if you, say, want to leave a review of that shoddy intern from two summers ago and he/she doesn’t have a profile–no worries, you can still leave the review. Shoddy intern can then claim said profile later, if he/she so desires.

And this is one of the more positive things that anyone has to say! I kid, of course. The site very well could disprove its critics and turn out to be a useful tool for employers–but I, too, remain unconvinced of its efficacy.


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