The Facebook Effect

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Facebook is one of the most important websites in the world right now, rivaled only by Google, really. Facebook drives a ton of traffic and is therefore well-ranked by Google, too. This means that if someone Googles you, they will generally find your Facebook profile first, assuming it is open to search. It is surprising, then, that so many people do not care how their Facebook profiles portray them.

Reppler, a month-old firm that markets online reputation management tools, released Monday the results of a survey of 30,000 users. The data show that 47% of those users have profanity on their Facebook wall. Of those users, 80% have at least one post or comment with profanity from a friend. Posts and comments with profanity on a user’s Facebook wall come from friends 56% of the time.

This is a shockingly high number, isn’t it? With so many people out of work, you would think more of them would be concerned about professionalism and networking. The truth is that most people simply don’t think about it until after the damage has been done. This is a shame, because it’s such an easy problem to fix.

Unwanted publicity can be like a virus on the Internet. There are firms such as Reputation Hawk that specialize in cleaning it up.

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