Social Networking Can Be Damaging

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Microsoft today released a series of polls that were of interest to the world of online reputation management. An incredibly low number of those people polled thought that information that was placed online about them could effect their employment opportunities. In direct contrast to that idea, a large number of employers admitted in the polling that they had disqualified candidates because of inappropriate content online. This disparity in the thoughts of job applicants and the actions of their prospective employers is incredible.

Less than 15% of consumers polled in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany and France from Dec. 10-23, 2009, believe that information about them on the Internet — be it photos, videos, comments — has an impact on them getting a job.

Yet 70% of recruiters polled in a separate survey have rejected job candidates because of inappropriate photos and comments.

“There are some tangible consequences,” says Brendon Lynch, senior director of privacy strategy at Microsoft. “There’s this big disparity between what people believe what might happen to them because of their online profile, and what happens.”

A whopping 89% of U.S. recruiters polled find it ”appropriate” to consider personal online data “professional data.”

So professionals, be more careful about what you post online. And if there is something negative about you online, before you go on the job hunt you should use online reputation management services to hide or bury it.

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