Reputations You Need To Protect

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The Internet is a highly valuable source of information for businesses and consumers. This is great news if you’re searching for information on your next potential purchase and it’s also great news if you have a raft of positive reviews posted on all of the major websites. When potential customers search for information about you and your services, and they invariably will do, you can enjoy what amounts to word of mouth marketing.

However, the flip side of the coin is that these same individuals can also post negative press which can have a damaging effect now and long in the future. While magazine and newspaper reviews may be forgotten in a day or a few weeks at the most, negative press has a tendency to hang around for a lot longer on the Internet.

Burying negative press with informative pieces and positive posts is one of the most effective forms of online reputation management but what names and reputations should you be protecting?

Your name – this is especially important for professionals, freelancers, and anybody that is the face of a company.

Your aliases – if you sign up with social sites and other services using a different alias then you need to protect this name too.

Your company name – probably the first thing that most potential clients will search for is the name of your company so protect it and any regularly used alternatives.

Product and brand names – some products are considerably more famous than the company that manufactures or sells them and consumers will often search for individual product names before purchasing them.

Names of  company executives – sales people, directors, and other public facing executives need to have their reputation protected for their own good and the good of your company.

Online defamation can unfortunately cost the recipient a large amount of time and money. Reputation Hawk can greatly minimize that damage.

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