Incalculable Costs

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Toyota’s debacle has become a never-ending source of reputation risk management lessons. They have always had a reputation as the best quality car company in the world–and certainly that is still true. However, that sterling image has taken a significant hit in the wake of multiple recalls.

But what has not been aptly estimated is the loss due to the reputation-at-risk. It is so huge, you don’t want to imagine.

Companies struggle to classify, let alone measure—reputational risk.

Risk managers are usually divided on whether reputational risk is an issue to be handled on its own or merely a consequence of other risks.

Where there is a culture of well-structured risk management the latter opinion is more popular.

Reputation is a very expensive and highly vulnerable corporate asset.

This article is 100% head-on. The reputational risks involved are incalculable.

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