Bristol-Myers and the Monday Morning Quarterbacks

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Bristol-Myers, the bio-pharmaceutical company, has named a new CEO–Lamberto Andreotti. He replaces outgoing CEO James Cornellius, who will remain as the chairman.

Cornelius’ tenure can’t be judged until the fate of those drug candidates is clear, Funtelyder said aid.

“Right now, we have to give him an incomplete,” he said. “You won’t know whether his strategy pays off until post- Plavix, probably 2013, 2014, and there’ll be a lot of Monday- morning quarterbacking over whether he made the right moves.”

The article certainly ends with a dose of truth, there will be a lot of bloggers and tweeters out there who will immediately seize upon the news and castigate Cornellius, no matter how innocent he might be. A business reputation management campaign would go a long way to relegating those Monday-morning quarterbacks to the bench.

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