The Bing/Facebook Agreement

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Everyone seems to be raving about the Bing and Facebook agreement. Certainly it means big things for the Internet reputation management, and analysts are very excited about how this could impact the industry. Microsoft made the announcement on October 13th. They had the inside track thanks to Microsoft’s investments in facebook and ownership of Bing–it was natural that the two would at some point strike a deal that was mutually beneficial.

For example, a user searching for a restaurant may see comments from his or her Facebook friends who went to that restaurant and liked it.

This recommendation is a strong social signal and one that Google failed to provide with its own Google Social Search earlier this year.

Of course, this social search system that Bing plans to build will take time to be made more successful. In the beginning, at least, the system will not work perfectly. As of right now, Bing only has about 11% of the search engine market share, but that number could go up after this measure.

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Doctor My Search Results

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Doctors of all sorts deal with defamation issues, especially online. Whether they are a dermatologist, urologist, plastic surgeon, or general practitioner–you can be sure of the fact that they have faced some sort of online defamation. Often, doctors check their google results, only to find that their honor or work have been impugned on some blog, on a doctor rating website, or in a forum.

It does not take much to ruin the career of a doctor. The fact that they handle important health issues means that people need to be able to trust them. If complaints, even obviously untrue ones, or baseless assertions are to be found online, then most doctors will lose business as a result.

Physicians have very little recourse for these sorts of problems. One of the only ways to solve this problem is through use of reputation management services. This will not erase the negative listings, it will simply replace them with more positive ones in search results. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can work wonders.

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