Spamming the Industry

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Saturday 30 January 2010 8:34 pm

The online reputation management industry is often needed because disgruntled employees, aggressive competitors, and troublemakers make use of the Internet for less-than-reputable reasons. The harming of other’s reputations through media is nothing new–it is for this reason that libel and slander laws were created to begin with. However, as anyone could have guessed, those laws cannot be easily applied to the often chaotic Internet.

This article shows how spammers have been using online reputation management to advance their own agenda.

Spammers use these doorways to dump traffic from third party sites onto their affiliate sites.This is what allegedly “dumb” spammers are doing when they create submissions on social sites that do not pass link equity. They were never after the link equity. They were there to borrow the domain authority of the site to rank for terms, and send the traffic on to their properties.

This is called a spam conduit, and it does not represent the brand reputation management industry.

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