ReputationHAWK cures the illness of the Internet

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Companies today to spend anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars on advertising on a yearly basis. On TV, Radio, and the Internet—a company’s brand is extremely important to its continued success. On TV and Radio, if other companies or individuals attack those businesses, they will suffer from repercussions to their reputation. Think about it, if Burger King launches a series of ads criticizing McDonalds, they’ll likely just give themselves a bad reputation. The same is not true online, though, because of the anonymity of the Internet.

On the Internet, the more outrageous the claim, the better. We have seen that truth is not a key factor on the Internet—look to those forwarded emails for proof. There is an entire website,, dedicated to debunking stories which get passed around in emails. If only there were something similar for the business-side of the Internet. Too often, disgruntled employees, malcontents, and pranksters will spend an afternoon destroying the reputation of an otherwise loved company. In the real world, when a name is connected to the complain, the complaint must be believable. On the Internet, because of it’s anonymity, the claim can be as outrageous as the individual wants. In fact, the more outrageous the better. If it’s discovered to be false, oh well—he’ll never be attached to the lie. If it is simply accepted by the reader, GREAT, it is more likely to ruin the company’s reputation that way.

This assault on certain business’ and individual’s reputations lacks integrity, but is very successful. ReputationHAWK is a company that seeks to put an end to this dishonest scheme of getting ahead or subverting others unfairly. offers services which can help to de-emphasize these links in search results, so that far fewer people will see them.

Reputation Management services are becoming a crucial need for any company with an online presence. Reputation Hawk is a leader in this field.


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Too many people only think of using reputation management services after their reputation has been maligned and their search results display it prominently. However, reputation management services can also serve a preventative purpose. Furthermore, they can contribute to your online presence, which is always a good thing.—Removes-Negative-Online-Publicity/904664

Online Defamation is becoming increasingly common amongst industry competitor's. Many organizations are using firms like Reputation Hawk to clean up and secure their search results before the unwanted publicity impacts their bottom line.

Internet chatter

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This article has a lot of useful tips–especially concerning tools that people can use to monitor internet chatter about them. All of the tools he names are quite useful, but their are some smear jobs that simply cannot be fixed through simple tools like this. There is a reason professional corporate reputation management companies exist.

Unwanted publicity can be like a virus on the Internet. There are firms such as Reputation Hawk that specialize in cleaning it up.