SideWiki, should you be worried?

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SideWiki has the SEO and corporate reputation management industries awash in confusion. However, this writer suggests that it is nothing to be worried about. His main points are that it hasn’t taken off yet and might not, and that it will take a lot of time to have any effect on the industry. He is, of course, completely right.
Here is the link again.

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Broad implications

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No truer words have been written about the Internet and your reputation than the following:

Again, what you post on the internet can have broad implications on your life and career. What others write about you can also have profound implications.

This is certainly true–as many people are now finding out. The entire industry of reputation management services exists because this is demonstrably true.

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Representing you

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How big of a role should social networking play in your brand reputation management campaign? If this article is to be believed, then it should play a major role. But the bigger picture is not the specific strategy of how you should run your brand reputation management campaign, but whether you should run one at all. The answer, for most, is yes. If you care about your reputation, then your search results are likely not representing you well.

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The fourth option

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This article says that there are three ways to handle online negative publicity. Going after them negatively, ignoring the publicity, and confronting the comments are given as the three options–but there is another. That third option is international reputation management, or damage control.

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Hello world!

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